Our Facility

Crossfit San Diego is a Fitness Learning Center.

We believe that every aspect of life is connected, if you put a limit on your potential in any area, such as physical, it can spread to your mental and emotional well being. Likewise if you stretch yourself in any one area it can help you in all other areas of life.

We specialize in creating an atmosphere where these limits are battled and failure is okay (if temporary). Where you are encouraged to push beyond what you thought you were capable of. This plays not only in the physical aspect of life, but mental, emotional, and even spiritual as well. We push ourselves DAILY to approach these limits and push through.

Through consistency we learn to accept blood, sweat, and tears as a pathway to success. (and of course, you’ll look good naked)!

The key is walking the pathway with other people with the wisdom to support you. Whether you are one of our talented Crossfit San Diego trainers, a long-time member, or a first timer, sharing this human experience with the community and support at CFSD is what guarantees our success.