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To qoute Whole9: "Beware the lure of the sexy metcon".

I might be the only one, but I'd argue to increase the emphasis on strength training. I know that's not the general consensus because the fast paced, constantly varied WODs are what attracted people, like me, to crossfit in the first place.

Yeah, a 5x5 squat might seem boring to some, but it's those 5x5's that's going to help with things like your clean and jerk, fran time, and chipper performance.

The other day I was chattin' with Ron and I saw one woman on the PR board with, if I remember a 315# deadlift! I know infantry Marines who can't pull that weight. It's strength like that that will translate over to better overall performance.

Yes, a strength off day with a long metcon would be nice to see in future programming. Other than that, Eric I think you're doing a great job.


I know what I'm getting you for Kwanzaa Eric...


Aush, don't forget about the Shake Weight. I think you're shutting the door on a valid path towards faster rehab.



Aye Eric,

High rep, low intensity WODs are mainly to promote blood circulation IMO. I include high rep work primarily for joint health and secondarily to reduce soreness and stiffening. Never would a high rep WOD be the most effective way to increase strength or power.

It's kind of funny but movements that you typically find in "globo gyms", bicep curls, DB flys, lat pull-downs...happen to be exactly the exercises I use for re-hab/pre-hab. High reps of those exercises can work wonders for any joint/ligament problems you may be suffering. For shin splints toe raises at 3 sets of 30-50 reps is nice.


My comments on the programming...

Be assured that I'm not just making something up at random and hoping it works. I've designed this 8-week cycle of programming based on what I've learned over the last two plus years in which I've studied what other gyms are doing, read multiple training-related blogs on a daily basis, and spent way too much time debating these sorts of things on the CF message board. I've paid close attention to what works for me and other people. I've tried to incorporate aspects from the programming of other people who are a lot smarter and more experienced than me when it comes to getting people in shape--OPT, Robb Wolf, John Welbourn, Rip, Greg Everett, Dan John, and too many affiliates to list here--and combine all that into something that I think will work for our clients.

Trust me, nothing is being done on a whim here...while CF.com likes to do things seemingly at random, I think a more logically-organized progression will get people closer to their goals faster, whether they're a general population CFer or someone trying to qualify for the Games. In regards to longer metcons, I think it's ok to do them once in awhile, but a 30+ minute chipper is only developing you in the oxidative pathway while doing very little for strength, peak power, or agility. I see minimal utility in slogging through light weight long metcons on a regular basis--you're not going to see rapid gains in that sort of workout.

On the other hand, someone who is still a novice strengthwise (novice being defined not by how strong you are, but by how quickly you're capable of adapting to stresses applied to your muscles) can make extremely fast strength and power gains if they do even a semi-dedicated strength-based program. Those strength gains will have carryover effects to every other aspect of their fitness.

I'm fine with debating these points as long as people provide well-reasoned critiques of my stuff--as Aush said, the critiques help me get better, and I'm trying to improve as a trainer just as you all are trying to improve as athletes. But please come up with something more than "I don't like these workouts"--I can't use that constructively. And please give me a little bit of trust that I have an idea what I'm doing and that these workouts will be good for you in the long run.


Hey guys, we really need to have more participation in the Rowing/Jump Rope Clinic this weekend or we are going to have to cancel it. I KNOW 99% of you need work in both of these areas, so I encourage you to SIGN UP NOW and take these areas head on. GO! NOW! REGISTER!


Paul you're the coolest!

Well I like the programming, I like being strong and I like short met-cons. But... I know that I suck BIG TIME at long met-cons! As much as I hate them (especially workouts with a run), I know that I need to work on my stamina. And by longer met-cons, I mean workouts that take 15+ minutes.
As a trainer, I've seen people get great results with the skill work. I find it hard to get the warm up, review of movements, skill work, transition to the regular WOD, and then the WOD all done in an hour. With my 6am clients it’s the hardest because it's so early in the morning and their bodies aren't as warmed up (or mentally/ physically awake) as the later classes.
One thing I really loved seeing was the penalty for dropping off the bar. As much as I hated it, I love mental aspect of training too. The continuous/ unbroken rounds, I believe really helps and I would like to see more of that.


Good discussion points Paul... As a "programmer" feedback is something I crave, it's good to hear that someone likes the programming... It is vastly more important to hear a dissenting voice (in my opinion).

I haven't been doing the programming since I have been rehabilitating my shoulder and coming off the appendectomy. So it's hard for me to practically give feedback on Eric's latest cycle. The only thing I'd like to see is a longer WOD every once in a while. Something where you are constantly moving for 30-40 mins. (maybe once a week) But that can be obtained simply by going for a run on your off day(s) so it isn't necessarily missing if you discipline yourself to add it in.

Col Paul

I've enjoyed the last few weeks of strength focused programming. And I think I've reaped some real gains. Not sure that I want to do it forever, but till now it has been good.
Moreover, being with the 6AM regulars is my high for the day.
However, concerning the programming there are some who do not have the same completely positive opinion about it that I have. I've heard some express those views. Their thoughts are valid, need to be heard and considered during the next programming cycle. I hope they chime in on this comment and give the "programmers" and the rest of us some of their thoughts.
Regardless of whether you are really enamored with this programming or not, it is certainly way better than doing nothing. So come on out, let your voice be heard and get the most out of it that you can. I personnally think you will be satisfied with the results if you stick with it, but that's just my opinion. What's yours?

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