Programs / Classes

We have MANY Programs at CrossFit San Diego. Finding where you should be takes time and input from YOU and from the Coaches at CFSD.

This snapshot of our programs is simply to give you a glimpse of what they are about. Like most things in life these need to be experienced to fully comprehend what you are signing up for! All of this is explained during our Free Intro Session.

Our Programs and Classes

Level I CFSD Course

This course is designed with the beginner in mind. What we have done at CrossFit San Diego is taken the training philosophy of elite athletes and made it available to the masses. To undertake that sort of tasking demands preparation.

Not just physically but mentally as well. When you start here you’ll work to develop confidence, consistency and PERFECTION in movement, and commitment. The intensity will come after mastery of those prerequisites. We will not chase intensity to the detriment of any precursors.

In the Level I Course we make the assumption that you know NOTHING. And we are teaching you how to develop your fitness from Square One. Even if you have some experience it is entirely possible that you learned some things wrong or picked up bad habits along the way.

This is our opportunity to break everything down and build you up the right way. This will allow you to eventually push the limits of what you thought you were capable of. But that will come in time, for now, in Level I, we’ll focus on getting it right!

Level II CFSD Course

This course is the meat and potatoes of CFSD training. In Level II we have established (via the Level I course -OR- the Intro Session) that you have mastery over the fundamental CrossFit movements and philosophy.

In the Level II course any movement or workout is fair game! At Level II you are prepared and expected to take on new challenges with confidence, even if you’ve never seen it before, you’ll have developed yourself to a level where new challenges are met with expectation and excitement instead of confusion, dread, or negative self-talk.

The Level II course requires maturity in nutritional discipline, and recovery techniques such as adequate sleep and hydration. Life can and will get in the way, but the Level II athlete understands that and has the maturity to adjust on their own or the wisdom to talk with a CFSD Coach about what is happening and what measures need to be taken to ensure success.

Team CFSD (Level III) Course

This course is for competitors only. This is OFF the beaten path, even though it is referred to at times as “Level III” it is not in the natural progression of Courses at CFSD, unless you WANT to compete. To be on TEAM CFSD requires much but it is highly rewarding (and fun), much like being a part of any sports team.

The team will compete in many events throughout the year with the ultimate goal being to qualify for and win the CrossFit Games as a team and/or as individuals. A large commitment is required to be on the team, meetings, events, competitions, etc.

However if you are selected for the Team you will also receive benefits for representing CFSD! Attaining Level III status at CFSD is not easy and there is no compromise, the requirements for both your time and physical abilities are what they are, whether you do or do not meet the requirements will be up to you ultimately. You will not be considered for Team CFSD until you meet ALL requirements.


Our gymnastics class is based on legendary gymnastics coach, Coach Sommer of Gymnastic Bodies. This program IS NOT CrossFit, though we purposely slant skills learned to skills that will immediately help you develop as a CrossFitter.

This program is built on sound tried and true gymnastic progression and development. Because of this the program is simple and we can accommodate ANY level of Gymnastics. From the trainee who hasn’t been upside down since they were 3 years old to the ex-college cheerleader.

This training takes focus and moves at a deliberate pace. It is NOT CrossFit but like CrossFit we will strive for perfection. Not just so that your gymnastics looks good aesthetically. But so that you get the full benefit of what gymnastics offers.

The body awareness, the total body tension, the breath control, and much more, least of which is the transformation of your body into a tight package. Everyone wants to look like an Olympic Gymnast, you now have that opportunity as we teach you the fundamentals to train like one!

Mobility & Conditioning (MOBCON)

The mobility and conditioning class is designed to utilize CrossFit methodology into an INCLUSIVE yet challenging class. Think Supplement rather than Replacement.

The class is primarily geared at realizing fitness gains without the use of a barbell in conjunction with the supplementation of daily trainer led mobility/flexibility portions and core strengthening.

The concept is maintaining the methods of intense, varied, and functional metabolic conditioning offered in traditional CrossFit classes but replacing the focus of heavy powerlifting (squat, bench, press, deadlift) and olympic lifts (snatch, clean&jerk) with the concentration of increased mobility/flexibility and core strength without forfeiting any endurance and conditioning.

Great if you are one of the following:

  • New to CrossFit or looking for great training without the heavy weights
  • Endurance Athlete (swimmer, triathlete, runner, cyclist)
  • Primary Sport Athlete (soccer, basketball, tennis)
  • Looking to diversify your training
  • Interested in CrossFit but unsure if its for you
  • Still gaining body awareness and functionality with standard body movements
  • Have previous or current injury hinderances with heavy weights.

CFSD Barbell Club

Classes will be every Tuesday, Thursday from 5:30-7:30pm and Sunday from 9:30am-11:30am.

Barbell Club FAQs

What will I be doing?

There will now be two separate programs, one for Powerlifting and one for Olympic Weightlifting. Both programs will be 3 day routines in 4 to 6 week cycles. You choose which program you wish to follow and the trainer will assist you from there.

There will be a main lift, followed by assistance exercises and the workout may include short conditioning at the end. Depending on your needs, the trainer may include additional correctional exercises.

I'm brand new to lifting, can I still join?

Of course! Everyone at any skill level is welcomed. These classes are great for anyone who wishes to spend more time familiarizing themselves with barbell movements and want a more strength biased approach to their workouts.

The training programs may be modified to meet the athlete's needs. For example, if an athlete is doing the Olympic Weightlifting program and isn't strong enough with putting the barbell overhead, we may include more overhead strength work. If an athlete has trouble getting into a squat position, we may do more mobility and squat drills to address the issue.

Do I have to be there at 5:30pm and stay the whole time?

Nope. Think of the 2 hour class as a window to train with a coach. Come in at any time during this window. If all you can do is the main lift and have to be out within an hour, that's fine and we'll help you from there. But, just don't show up in the last few minutes and expect to have a coach for 2 hours ;-). So, the earlier you get there the better!

Barbell Club classes won't run like our general CrossFit classes. The classes will be limited to small groups and will have more of a "one-on-one"/personal coach feel.

Can I do regular CrossFit classes along with the Barbell Club classes?

Yes, if you currently are a CFSD member.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes. $30 a month for current CFSD members. $100 a month for Barbell Club membership only (excludes CrossFit classes).

Will Barbell Club membership count towards my regular CrossFit membership classes?

Nope. Barbell Club is separate.

I heard the Barbell Club does competitions. Can I do them, too?

Absolutely! We encourage everyone to compete. It helps put your training into perspective. If this is something you want to do, let us know and we’ll do our best to set you up for success!

I don't want to compete, but I still want to do the Barbell Club. Is that OK?

Yes. The Barbell Club's main goal is to get you stronger with general strength training and to help you become more familiar with all barbell movements.

I don't think I can make the classes, but can I still join and do the programming?

Yes. You can still follow the program. However, whenever you can, come into the class time so you can spend more one on one time with a coach.